Why Choose Us?

We have a growing clientele in Northeast Ohio.

Cleveland’s Most Trusted Deer Deterrent Service

Why Choose Us? Simply, we are the best Deer Repellent Specialists in Northeast Ohio! We use a unique, proprietary product that will provide you with the best results against deer damage! The only focus and goal of our company is to protect landscapes from deer damage-this is all we do! Our customer service and satisfaction is second to none and we always make ourselves available to our clients by answering or returning all phone calls and emails promptly. We may not know how to design landscapes, cut lawns or power wash houses, but we know how to STOP DEER DAMAGE!


Benefits of our Deer Repellent Spray Service:

  • Don’t limit yourself to “deer resistant” plants.  Gain the freedom to plant what you love.
  • Save money by not having to replace your flowers, trees and shrubs on a regular basis
  • Eliminate the need for unsightly and expensive deer netting/fencing
  • Decrease deer traffic on your property which can help reduce deer droppings and deer ticks
  • “GUARD YOUR YARD” and start enjoying the peace and beauty of your landscaping again
Utilize En Garde Deer Defense to protect your flowers.

Take Back Your Yard!

Our deer repellent is environmentally safe, extremely weather resistant and harmless to humans and pets.  Click For An Estimate & Free Trial