Deer Repellent Service

En Garde Deer Defense, LLC. prides itself on being experts in the field using the best deer repellent spray. Our owners, as well as each highly trained spray technician, are very knowledgeable in the biology, physiology, and behavior of the white-tailed deer. When servicing your property, we blanket your entire landscaping with a fine mist of our product.

En Garde Deer Defense only hires the highest quality employees. Every spray technician goes through over 6 weeks of spray technician training; learning plants, best practices, and appropriate spray amounts for each type of landscaping. Before going out into the field for service work, each spray technician must pass a 50+ question test and be able to identify over 83 various plants and shrubs to be certified to spray.

We try to cover the perimeter landscaping of the property, including all entry points and commonly used trails, to remind the deer that your property is “off limits”. Our knowledge, along with our management strategies will not only protect your landscape, but often times will help lessen the deer traffic in your yard altogether.

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Spray Schedule

Stop Deer Damage All Year Long

We service properties on a strict spraying schedule, and we always recommend year-round coverage to ensure maximum protection. We spray every 3 weeks from mid-March/early April through mid to late September (Seasonal). We spray every 4 weeks from mid to late September through mid-March. We spray more often in the spring and summer because of new growth. Our increased frequency service is necessary in the spring and summer as new plant growth constantly appears and just as crucial in the winter when deer’s natural foods are scarce. Most of our clients use the service on a year-round basis.

If you only request the service for certain times of year, we can offer a seasonal spraying schedule as well. The actual number of applications will depend on when you start and stop service for a specific season.

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Take Back Your Yard!

Our spray technicians are thoroughly trained by En Garde Defense Owner, Jeffrey Ardo. Each tech gains extensive plant knowledge while learning about important deer habits and proper spraying techniques.

Our Guarantee

When you use our Recommended Strategy, we GUARANTEE you will be happy with the dramatic results of our product and service, however, if you are ever not satisfied and decide to discontinue our service, En Garde Deer Defense, LLC will refund the price of your last application.


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