deer protected landscape
deer protected landscape

Natural Deer Repellent Product

Safe for plants, safe for people, and safe for the environment

En Garde Deer Defense, LLC’s patented natural deer repellent was developed by our founder, wildlife biologist Christopher J Markha after years of research, field tests, and experiments. Our natural deer repellent has been successfully used to protect yards since 2002.

The En Garde Deer Defense, LLC’s natural deer repellent made fresh with natural ingredients daily. Our natural product is environmentally safe, won’t damage trees, flowers, or shrubs, is weather resistant, and harmless to humans and animals.

Our product is virtually odorless to humans. The nose of a deer has nearly 300 million olfactory receptors, humans have 5 million. Although it is virtually odorless to you, our natural deer repellent repels deer with both smell and taste.

Our repellent is not considered a pesticide by federal or state regulatory agencies.

En Garde Deer Defense, LLC’s proprietary natural deer repellent is effective to preventing deer from damaging landscaping and lawns.

hydrangea before deer control
hydrangea after deer control

Nothing is better than a successful yard that is NOT destoryed by deer.

Stop Deer Damage!

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