Our Guarantee

We Promise Dramatic Results!

Our Guarantee:  Your protected lawn and satisfaction is our number one priority. En Garde Deer Defense, LLC is a customer oriented company and welcomes questions and concerns at any time. We encourage an open line of communication between our customers and their deer repellent specialist as well as our customer service department to achieve the best results for your yard.

When you use our “Recommended Strategy,” we GUARANTEE you will be happy with the dramatic results of our product and service, however, if you are ever not satisfied and decide to discontinue our service, En Garde Deer Defense, LLC will REFUND the price of your LAST application.

Our “Recommended Strategy” is to spray the landscaping along the perimeter of the area you would like to protect and all the landscaping within this area, whether the deer will eat it or not.  This strategy helps us train the deer to loose interest in coming into your yard and using it as a buffet.

We are a preferred service provider for many landscapers and have the highest Google reviews in Northeast Ohio.

We will protect your spring flowers, your summer blooms, and your winter shrubs!

Take Back Your Yard!

Our deer repellent is environmentally safe, extremely weather resistant and harmless to humans and pets.  Click For An Estimate & Free Trial